Thank You

We would like to thank everyone who came out to the 24 Hour Read-In this weekend. You are all so amazing. We had about 1200 people come through to listen and participate, and we collected 1039 postcards. An event this huge couldn’t have happened with out all of you.

We’d also like to thank Brooklyn Public Library, Queens Public Library, and New York Public Library for their support in making this event happen.

Councilmember and Read-In supporter Jimmy Van Bramer has recorded a short reading in support of our efforts.

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I think we all made our point this weekend. Library services are essential to the social, cultural and educational fabric on New York City.  Closing libraries will do irreversible long term harm to our communities.

We’re not done yet, This Thursday we want you ALL to call 311 and tell them you support fully funding libraries in New York City. This one day call in gives us one more chance to let our elected officials know how much New Yorkers care about their libraries. Pass it on, tell your friends. It only takes 2 minutes to call and could make all the difference in the world.

Thanks again, none of this would have happened without all of your support! And don’t forget, keep sending in those postcards!

No Cuts, No Closures, No Layoffs!
Lauren Comito
Aliqae Geraci
Christian Zabriskie
Urban Librarians Unite

Read-In News

The outpouring of support we’ve been receiving is just amazing. Thank you for all your kind thoughts and offers of assistance.

We’ve had so many offers to read that we’ve filled all of our slots and then some. You can still email us at if you’d like to join the waiting list or volunteer to help in another way.

What we really need next weekend is an audience for our intrepid readers. Bring your friends, bring a lunch (or breakfast, or late night snack) and hang out with us on the plaza for the day. There should be plenty of good company.

Many people have said they wished they could participate but can’t because of geography. Not a problem! Put our button on your sidebar or in your profile picture, and read along with us on the 12th and 13th.  Thanks to Debbie Diesen for the great idea.

Big thanks to Brian Fairbanks of Asylum NY for his awesome article.

We look forward to seeing you all at the Read-In!

Let’s show city officials just how much New Yorkers love their libraries!


24 Hour Read-In

Come out and support libraries during the 24 hour We Will Not Be Shushed Read-In. This is going to be a unified libraries effort with readers and library workers from all three tri-li systems. We already have the full endorsement of Brooklyn Public Library and Queens Library administration. This is going to be a huge event in support of libraries.

We need your help! We need readers and we need supporters to come out and help out at the event. We will have a voice reading in front of the library for the full 24 hours. For that to happen it will take many voices to fill the time. Please contact us and sign up for a slot as soon as possible.

Together we can save our libraries and keep our library staff behind the desk where they belong.

To volunteer for a reading slot or to help with the event itself, please email

June 12th – 13th
5pm – 5pm
Front Steps of Brooklyn Public Library @ Grand Army Plaza