Library Tax Assistance

Hundreds of library users in Queens take advantage of free tax counseling at their local Queens Library. Among them is Max Stern, who is 100 years old and recently visited the Queens Library at Howard Beach. Mr. Stern was born close to the same time the 16th amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified, which allows the federal government to levy the income tax as we know it. Mr. Stern has never known a tax-free day, but at least he had his tax return prepared for free! Elizabeth Garcia, Community Library Manager was on hand to wish him many more years as a taxpayer.

Service to the Formerly Incarcerated

I got to know this guy in Jamaica who was just back in the neighborhood after doing some time inside. He LOVED the respect and service that we gave him at the library. It meant a lot for him to be treated as a man with dignity. He even told me once that “you and my momma are the only two people keeping me out of trouble right now”


Job Search Help

A lot of employment requires online application. One man was very frustrated to fill out an online form for a shipping/receiving position, similar to a job that he had for years. The customer was frustrated with technology, and initially hard to work with. We were able to fill out the form, and I took the time to call to verify they got it. I learned from that experience that a lot of these skills people perceive everyone has, is not true. And job information/tech services is a huge role for libraries that takes time compared to some traditional reference questions. It’s more emphasis on instruction instead of providing answers.

-Matt Allison

“I Can’t Wait to Read”

Baisley Park Back Baisley Park Front   ” The library mean so much to me because it is close to my home and I am having a good time studying. The library it have pretty asome book and new book I can’t wait to read and also the library start is pretty asome they have always been so nice to me and my family and everyone that come in the library. So I strongly sagest that you keep this library open for everyone sake” -Anonymous

Hurricane Sandy Recovery in the Rockaways

A Vietnam vet came to our book bus after Hurricane Sandy. We served the Rockaway area immediately after the storm in the book bus. This guy was talkative, personable and came to the book bus every day because his building lacked power. He charged is cell phone daily. We also gave him free legal advice referrals because of his tenant situation after the storm. The book bus was there from November 2nd 2012, to December 31st 2012, and this man was regularly there, and did not have power that whole time. We closed for 8 days and reopened in the trailer on January 8th, 2013. But this customer didn’t come in after that. I hope his situation improved.

-Matt Allison