Libraries in New York City are some of the most vibrant community learning spaces in the country. Where else can you hear 5 different languages on your way to the computer lab, get help with your job search, increase your computer skills, receive ESOL services, AND find the most recent Pulitzer Prize novel, all under one roof?

Yep, thought so.

None of this can happen without adequate funding. Amazinglibraries.nyc is committed to stabilizing NYC library funds so libraries can continue to provide essential services to all New Yorkers.

Amazing Libraries is a continuation of the Save NYC Libraries Campaign, which has dedicated the past 6 years advocating for an increase in NYC library funds. After much effort, we have been able to push the City Council to approve a modest increase after the three year flat-budget that followed cuts in prior years. While the recent increase is encouraging, it has not been included in Mayor de Blasio’s preliminary budget for 2016. Libraries are still $65 million dollars short of allowing 6-day service in all 5 boroughs.

In order for libraries to maintain crucial services AND provide the public with 6-day service, NYC libraries NEED a $55 million increase to reach full funding .

To get involved and support NYC library funds, check out our site, write a letter to your council member, sign a petition and come to our events. Help us voice the importance of libraries to our elected officials so NYC communities can continue to thrive.


Amazinglibraries.nyc is run by Urban Librarians Unite, an independent non-profit organization committed to ensuring access to libraries for all New Yorkers.

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Amazinglibraries.nyc is intended to support the restoration of funding to all NYC Libraries. Comments including personal attacks, vulgar language or “trolling” will not be approved. Please refer all comments on particular library policies to the libraries themselves.