Reading As Rebellion

 Come out and read out for public libraries in New York City. Once again the three library systems are facing historic cuts and once again library supporters are pushing back. The third 24 Hour Read In will take place on June 9-10 from 4PM to 4PM and once again we will be on the steps of the Brooklyn Public Library in Grand Army Plaza. It will be another days worth of literary library activism.

This is going to be our biggest year ever. The base of the protest remains the same, over a hundred voices read around the clock. A full 24 hour day is broken into 15 minute intervals and volunteers read pretty much whatever they like for their quarter of an hour. The rules are simple, no speeches only reading. Family storytime is from 8AM to noon on Sunday so select your materials accordingly. The dark hours from 2AM-4AM are for the steamy stuff and heckling is to be expected. 

It’s an amazing event, it is a lot of fun and it really feels like you are part of something. It is literally literary activism. There is something incredible about the life of the event. There are these wonderful and weird pairings of readings and readers at the 24 Hour Read In. It is not as if what you read defines you or even that you necessarily read your favorite book. Lots of librarians read and lots of very serious readers and writers come out and take part. It is fascinating to see who comes to read and what they chose to bring to the banquet.

There will be more authors this year, a LOT more authors. This year we have an incredible range of writers who are coming out to support.

Our Authors Include

Megan Abbott (The End of Everything and Dare Me), Phil Campbell (Zioncheck for President), Julie Klam (Please Excuse My Daughter and You Had Me at Woof), Maud Newton (contributor, The New York Times Magazine) , Austin Ratner (The Jump Artist and In the Land of the Living), Rosie Schaap (Drinking with Men), Elissa Schappell (Use Me), Amanda Stern (The Long Haul), Jason Diamond (Vol. 1 Brooklyn), Javaka Steptoe(In Daddy’s Arms I Am Tall), Paul Zelinsky(Rumpelstiltskin, The Wheels on the Bus, Swamp Angel), Jesse Karp (Those That Wake), Ryan Sias (Zoe and Robot).

We need volunteers for other stuff too and you can read and volunteer or just volunteer if you feel like it. There will be a petitions and postcards table and a crafts table for the kiddies. We will need puppetteers and actors for our new street theater (The Saga of Bonnie the Bookworm & Her Battle With the Bad Budget Birds). Roving postcard collectors are always the unsung heroes and sidewalk chalk commandos of the Read In. We will also be looking for help on our super secret barrage balloon banner.

In short we need YOU. Sign Up Today! If you want to read, help out, or find out more please write to.