A message to the New York City Council and Mayor Bloomberg

Librarian Avenger Illustration by John Comito

So here’s the  thing, libraries are an important part of the social fabric of our city. They provide a place for our neighbors to interact, learn to read, learn to live in a new country, learn new job and computer skills, and learn english.

You’ll notice a lot of “learns” in that last bit, because that’s a huge part of what libraries are about, learning. A community can’t move forward and grow unless it’s members are constantly improving their skills and developing new ones, unless they are exposed to new and different cultures and given access to the information they need to survive. Just over 100 years ago our city made a commitment to funding pubic libraries to do all these things and more. And we’ve done such a good job of it.

This isn’t just about a budget. It’s not about money, or deficits, or revenue. It’s about people. This is about the kind of city New York wants and needs to be. It’s about developing and becoming better as a community, and all that Cindy Lou Who crap that keeps us civilized. In the past you’ve seen fit to restore the library’s budgets. One can only assume you’ve had excellent reasons to do so. Those reasons are the same this year as they were last year. They are just as important now.

Please make a commitment to learning, culture, and literacy in New York City. Fully fund our libraries and baseline the restoration, so we can go back to doing what we do best.

Making New Yorkers lives better.