The Library is Dead, Long Live the Library

So apparently a certain director (Mark Page) of a certain city agency (Office of Management and Budget) doesn’t think that libraries are necessary any more. According to this august personage, the internet and ebooks have killed us off. 


For that to be true all of the following things must have happened! This is great for our city and our society in general!

  • Everyone can afford an ebook reader.
  • Everyone can afford and has a computer.
  • Everyone can afford broadband internet access.
  • High speed internet is available in every community.
  • Everyone has enough disposable income to buy as many books as they want.
  • We now have a 100% literacy rate.
  • The economic crisis is over and jobs are plentiful and easy to find.
  • Everyone is computer literate.
  • There is no false information on the internet.
  • Seniors are surrounded by caring communities of friends and neighbors who watch out for them and meet their need for social interactions.
  • Seniors have enough money to live on, and can now afford to cool and heat their homes during appropriate seasons.
  • Tax forms are easy to find, understand, and use.
  • Children now burst from the womb able to read, eliminating the need for early childhood literacy programs!
  • There are no homeless people.

Wait, none of that has happened? Shit. I guess we still need libraries then.

It baffles the mind that a government official in this city could possibly think that libraries are obsolete. Has he been in one recently? Seen the hordes of people who wait outside our doors in the morning until we open? Watched a storytime? Seen our CRAZY BUSY computer labs? DONE HIS JOB and looked at our circulation numbers, program attendance and gate counts?

Guess not.

If you’re as outraged as we are, come out to the 24 Hour Read In on June 11th and 12th and help us show the city and Mayor Bloomberg  just how wrong Mark Page is.