Hug the Library

Reposted from The Desk Set, originally posted 5/24/2011

Time to Roar!

Show the love people. ULU will be staging a mass hug of the Schwarzman Building (that is the dreamy one with the lions)on June 4th at 2PM. NYPL are fully in our corner and love the event. Our old pals at BPL and Queens are on board as well of course and it is going to be incredible activism for all three libraries in the city.

We will form a continuous human chain around the building. You can imagine us giving it a big squeeze. We LOVE the damn library people, let’s give it a snuggle. Some of our more militant members are also likening the image to a human shield kinda thing, throwing ourselves in front of the building to protect it. Make of it what you will but you gotta come out.

All Hands On Deck
No, seriously, you GOTTA come out. It is going to take hundreds of people to reach all the way around. This is a great chance to do some organizing on your own. Tell your colleagues, proselytize to your friends, plan to make a day of it. When you come, drag some people along with you, make it a date, plan on drinks afterward. Bring in people from outside the library world and let them be a part of this as well.

Do NOT be late. The crowd meets critical mass on Saturday June 4th, 2PM come rain or shine. This is us literally rallying around the library, to embrace it, to interpose our bodies between it and a harsh world. There are no rainchecks and fashionably late will be yesterday’s news.

If you have never done something like this it is incredibly exhilarating and a lot of fun. It really does feel like you are part of something larger and the mood is going to be light. If you’ve never been to a rally the hug will be a great start and if you have been to this kinda thing before then you already know this one is going to be a blast.

Now is the time to show what you believe in. This is quite literally your chance to put it on the line. Stand up. Stand proud. Show the world your courage and determination. Show up on time & show the politicians and media that libraries are a force to be reckoned with.